Sunday, December 20, 2009


Vintage: 2006
Price Range: $20
Producer: Quivira Vineyards
Region & Country: Sonoma, California, USA
Grape Variety: Zinfandel
Recommended By: Wineclub

Place & Date Purchased: WineStyles, Evanston, IL - 2/2/2009
Place & Date Tasted: Home - 12/20/2009

Appearance: Full-bodied; Glossy, purple-red
Nose: Black and raspberry; oak, tobacco and spices
Taste: Smooth and juicy; raspberry, oak and spices
Finish: Lingers and dry
Overall Impression: I thought after smelling this wine that it was going to be much bolder and spicier. Yes, there was a great bold aroma, but the taste was very smooth. This was a great Zin. I love when wines surprise me!

Overall Rating
: 93/100
Overall Value: ***.5 / 5 Stars